Power365 Video Tutorials

This is a listing of hyperlinks to the online video help content of Power365. This material also appears as part of the online Help system. Just click on any title to jump to the video. If this is your first time using Power365, we suggest that you review The Basics video first.

The Basics:

This is a high-level overview of the prerequisites and basic steps of any migration project.

Adding Tenants:

Power365 will ask you to log in to each tenant that should be included in your project.

The User List:

The Basic Migration project type depends upon the successful creating of a CSV that maps the users to be migrated.

Fixing User List Errors:

If your user list has errors, here’s how to fix them.

User Configuration:

How to get detailed information on specific users.

New Migration Waves:

Introducing the Migration Waves concept

Tenant/Domain Pairing:

Pairing associates source and target tenants and domains so that Power365 can check for matches.

Discover Users:

The Premium Integration and Advanced Migration project types can discover users for you. Then you select the ones to migrate.

Syncing Address Books:

The Premium Integration project type offer the ability to synchronize address books for a more unified GAL.

Installing Power365 Directory Sync Lite:

Premium Integration project type needs a local installation of Power365 Directory Sync Lite in each tenant. Here’s how to do that.

Email Rewriting:

The Premium Integration project type offers Email Rewriting, allowing a single, unified email “presence” for all users, no matter what stage of the migration project.

Distribution Group Matching:

Power365 can migrate mail-enabled distribution groups. You will select the attributes used to match source groups to target.

User Matching:

Choose the attributes that Power365 should use to match source users to target users.

Uploading Distribution Group Lists:

It is possible to manually enter all your distribution groups, but Power365 allows you to upload a list to streamline the process.

Migration Waves:

Configuring Migration Waves for the Email with Advanced Migration and Premium Integration project types.

Power365 Directory Sync Pro access:

How to enter the credentials and access information when configuring Power365 Directory Sync Pro.

The Email Rewriting Eligibility Group:

Premium Integration uses the Email Rewriting Eligibility Group to determine which users have the Address Rewrite Service.

Email Signatures:

The Premium Integration project type use email signatures to show recipients that rewritten emails are valid.

Public Folders:

The basics of migrating public folders with Power365.

Sharing Calendars:

Using Premium Integration to allow tenants in a project to share their free/busy information.


How to fulfill the SSL certificate requirements for the Email Rewriting Service.