How To Migrate

When does Power365 migrate OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business content is synced in parallel to the mailbox and mailbox archive sync jobs if they are selected as part of the migration profile.


How does Power365 migrate OneDrive?

Power365 will copy the content when the Sync action is executed for a user or wave. Permissions are migrated during the final user cutover action. The source OneDrive content is always authoritative and after the user cutover, data is no longer synchronized.


How do I migrate OneDrive?

Within the migration profile, select to sync OneDrive For Business (Personal Content) to migrate all the content associated with their personal OneDrive account.

Figure 3: Migration Profile Wizard Personal Content Sync Options


Can I migrate OneDrive without migrating the Mailbox?

Yes, within the migration profile, choose to sync OneDrive For Business (Personal Content) only, then assign that profile to the user or wave. The Sync request will still run through each sync job in order as any sync job will do, except it will have all mail and archive content filtered or skipped.


Can I schedule OneDrive migrations?

Yes, the same as a user mailbox. A Power365 sync schedule is executed against users or waves based on the migration profile assigned. A user or wave can be scheduled to begin sync jobs and set the frequency and number of subsequent delta synchronizations.


Does a OneDrive sync count towards my total sync count of 11?

The maximum sync count of 11 has been eliminated. Syncs are unlimited, however there is a 100-syncs throttling policy. The policy can be adjusted if required, upon a valid request to Binary Tree Support.


Is my target user automatically licensed for OneDrive?

Yes, if the target license SKU selected in the Migration Profile supports OneDrive then Power365 will enable the SharePoint Online service plan after the subscription is applied. For the Power365 project types that do not support auto-licensing, Power365 requires OneDrive service plan already be enabled before migrations may occur.


Will Shares (Delegates) know a user has been moved?

Yes, a new invitation is sent to the new delegates or shares with the new location information.


What if the Share (Delegate) hasn’t been migrated yet?

If the source user has not been migrated yet, they will retain access to the new target location and receive a new invitation during the final OneDrive sync. Once the user is migrated, they will continue to retain access.


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