Microsoft Teams

With a Power365 Premium Integration Project, you can discover all your groups and teams, get their sizes, organize them into migration waves, create them in the target, copy their content, members and much more.


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a Group Chat feature of Microsoft 365 that brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps.

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Does Power365 migrate Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Power365 can migrate Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.


What migration paths are supported?

Power365 supports migration to and from the following:

Source Object Target Object Options
Office 365 Group Office 365 Group Convert to Team
Office 365 Group Team  
Team Team  


What Team content and properties can be migrated?

Power365 presently migrates the following data related to Microsoft Teams:

  • Teams
  • Teams & Group Properties (Privacy, Visibility and much more)
  • Group Mailbox & Calendar
  • Files & Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Channels
  • Channel Conversation History
  • Channel Reactions
  • Members & Owners

For the complete list of supported and unsupported content types, visit our Online Help Center.


Does Power365 create Teams in the target?

Yes, Power365 will automatically create the target group or team when the Prepare action is run. For more details on preparing groups and teams for migration, visit our Online Help Center.


Does Power365 sync Team membership or ownership?

Yes, Power365 Directory Sync will synchronize Groups and Teams membership and ownership for matching users. All members and owners that are required for synchronization must exist in the target and must be matched in Power365. Otherwise, they will be skipped.


How do I migrate a Team?

It’s very simple, the process is no different than migrating an Office 365 Group. For more information, see our Online Help Center to get started.


How do I convert an Office 365 Group to a Team?

Power365 provides an option within the migration profile to convert your groups to teams. This activity will occur during the provisioning step, just before the first data sync. For more information, please visit our Online Help Center to get started.


Does Power365 migrate Channel Conversations?

Yes, Microsoft Team’s Channel Conversation history from the source Teams is migrated to the target Teams along with the corresponding Files, Folders and Links to those files. Private or Group Chats are not supported.


How are Channel Conversations migrated?

Before the conversations are migrated, the Channels and folder structure are created in the target Teams. Due to the current limitations of the Microsoft API available for Channel Conversation, the Conversations are migrated using two (2) methods.

  1. Direct to Conversations – Due to MS API limitations a subset of the most recent (default age is 30 days) 200 (default max) conversations items are migrated to the target Teams Channel Conversation. Therefore, users may directly interact with the most recent posts from each Channel migrated.
  2. Complete History File – Due to the API limitations, Power365 migrates all channel conversations into a single, easy to use file that can be accessed from within that channel. The file provides an easy to navigate history of your original channel conversations. The history file includes the same usable functionality, such a clickable attachment links and collapsible message threads.


When are Channel Conversations migrated?

Channels, files and folders are migrated during a sync job. Conversations are migrated during the cutover event in order to capture the most recent version of the channel conversations.


What metadata is migrated with Channel Conversations?

In addition to the conversation themselves there is additional data a chat post may contain. The following lists what is currently supported.

  1. Original Author Name matched and translated to target user.
  2. Original posting date and time information.
  3. All the rich text content from the conversation.
  4. Collapsible reply threads.
  5. Reactions with corresponding icons with the original author and posting date/time.
  6. Attachments with hyperlink to migrated file.
  7. Emojis, GIFs and images.


Does Power365 support conversation edits?

Once a Team is cutover, channel conversations can no longer be migrated. However, channel conversations are migrated at the end of the Teams migration, during cutover in order to capture to most recent version of the data.


Do Channel Conversation file links continue to work post-migration?

Yes, the Power365 sync engine maintains the hyperlink to the migrated file. The user may simple click the file link to open the migrated file from the channel conversation or history file.


Are Private Channels migrated?

Private Channels are not migrated at this time. This functionality is coming soon.


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