How to Convert Existing Groups

Does Power365 Directory Sync support the conversion of existing groups to Office 365 groups?

Yes, Power365 Directory Sync can convert any known group to an Office 365 Group based on the workflow rules. It will also synchronize matched members to the new group.


How do I convert existing groups to an Office 365 Group using Directory Sync?

It’s simple to enable the feature but may take a little planning to identify what groups need to be converted.

To convert an existing group to an Office 365 Group, then the following setting must be enabled in the associated workflow managing group objects. Follow these steps to enable this feature in an existing workflow.

  1. Login to Power365
  2. Navigate to Templates
  3. Located and select the desired Template
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Objects
  6. Click Groups

  7. Set Create Groups As = Office 365 Groups
  8. This setting will convert all groups in scope to an Office 365 Group
  9. Contacts are not supported within Office 365 groups. As a result, contacts will not be synced as members.
  10. Click Save

Warning, by enabling this setting in your existing workflow, any new Groups created will always be an Office 365 group, regardless of the source group type.


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