How to Sync Attributes

Does Directory Sync support synchronization of the Group Access Type (Public, Private)?

Yes, access type can be synchronized from the source or it can be customized in the destination before it is created or after during synchronization.

To control which group property is set, an attribute mapping will be required. For more information about required mappings for Office 365 groups, check out our free online help guide.


Does Directory Sync support synchronization of additional attributes of Office 365 Groups?

Yes, all known Office 365 group properties are supported for synchronization. For a complete list of required, recommended and all known attributes, download our free online help guide.


How do I synchronize additional attributes?

Any eligible attribute is easy to sync or mange using advanced mappings in your Workflow template. Click here to download a free online step-by-step guide to manage Office 365 Groups using Power365 Directory Sync.


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