To create, match and synchronize groups, members and owners from any Azure or Local Active Directory, the solution is to use Power365 Directory Sync. Power365 Directory Sync has the capability of creating and maintaining continuous synchronization of any group type, whether it is in the cloud or local, to any destination environment.


What types of groups can Power365 Directory Sync manage?

Power365 Directory Sync supports the following related to Groups creation and sync. Mail-Enabled groups are also supported.

Local Group Types:

  1. Distribution
  2. Security

Local Group Scopes:

  1. Domain Local
  2. Global
  3. Universal

Cloud Group Types:

  1. Office 365
  2. Distribution List
  3. Security


What type of attributes or properties can Power365 Directory Sync manage?

Power365 Directory Sync supports all known attribute and property mappings between matched objects. For more information about mappings, please see this help topic.


Can Power365 Sync Group Membership and Ownership?

Yes. Membership and ownership are fully supported.


Can Power365 Sync deletions, changes in membership and adding new groups?

Yes. Power365 Directory Sync keeps group changes in synchronization as long as required. Power365 Directory Sync will process the full group life cycle, from beginning to end.


Do Integration projects handle group membership updates?

Yes, Integration projects sync group membership over to the target and update it when changes are made in the source to keep it up to date for the duration of the project. Note, it will only sync changes made to source members that are matched to an object in the target. If there are group members in the source that do not have a match in the target, those members and changes to their membership will not be synced.


Can I upload a list of Distribution Groups?

You can have Power365 discover all your distribution groups, but in a large environment you may want a smaller subset. The easy solution is to just upload a list. You can download a sample file. There’s just a single column, listing each group that you would like to include in the project.


How does Distribution Group Matching work?

Power365 can migrate distribution groups from source to target. Power365 will look in the target for distribution groups that match those in the source. You must choose the attributes that Power365 will use to make this determination.

The External Email Address attribute is usually sufficient, but you can add additional attributes or remove existing ones. Matching is processed in the order listed. If there is no match on the first attribute, Power365 moves down the list.

If no match is found, Power365 can create the target distribution group for you.


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