Power365 Integration Projects have the capability of creating users in the target environment to prepare for coexistence and migration. The following questions will provide insights into the additional capabilities around user management for a Power365 Premium Integration project type.


Why are users created?

Before a user’s mailbox can be synchronized to another Office 365 tenant or cross-tenant collaboration can be established, the destination environment must have a user object to attach the mailbox too. Therefore, user objects are created prior to the first synchronization of data and before collaboration is implemented.


When are users created?

In Power365 Users are created when the “Prepare” action is run against a set of users. To learn more about Prepare see the additional information section below.


How are users created?

Once the Prepare job has been requested, Power365 will spawn a job for Directory Sync Lite to execute the creation of a Mail-Enabled User object to prepare for coexistence and eventual migration.

Users are created in the destination “AS-IS” replicating the source user’s attribute values to the target. Only the domain names are transformed to meet the destination configuration. For example, if the source user’s Display Name is “Jon Doe” and their Mail Alias is “Doe.Jon” then the destination will reflect this as well.


Am I required to create my users with Power365?

No, Power365 is flexible enough to allow users to preexist in the destination. Power365 will match against existing users, mail-enabled users and even mailbox-enabled users.


Do the other project types support user creation?

The Power365 Basic Migration and Advanced Migration project types require the environment owners provision users and groups prior to data synchronization.