Sharing Calendars

What is Calendaring Sharing?

Power365 Integration Projects provide the option to automatically configure calendar sharing between Microsoft Office 365 tenants. This will allow end-users to see each other’s calendaring free/busy or availability information when scheduling meetings.


How do I enable Calendar Sharing?

During the configuration of a Power365 Project you will be asked if this feature should be enabled. Answer “Yes” to allow Power365 to automatically configure your calendar sharing options. Additional questions will follow to complete the setup.


How does it work?

Once enabled Power365 will automatically create the Organization Relationships between the Microsoft Office 365 tenants. Once these configurations are in place, calendar sharing is enabled.


The following is an example of the PowerShell command run against each tenant to establish calendar sharing.

New-OrganizationRelationship -DomainNames $domains -Name $name -Enabled -FreeBusyAccessEnabled -FreeBusyAccessLevel AvailabilityOnly -FreeBusyAccessScope $groupName -TargetApplicationUri "" -TargetAutodiscoverEpr

  • The “$Domains” parameter in the example below includes all accepted domains from the destination tenant, including the domains. See figure 1 below for an example.

  • The “$Name” parameter is automatically calculated by Power365.

  • The Free Busy Access Level is always set to the lowest setting of, Availability Only.

  • The Free Busy Scope is set to all users for the target and can be filtered by group from the source is desired. The Power365 Project wizard will walk you through these questions.

  • None of the other available organization relationship parameters are setup by Power365.


What if I already have an Organization Relationship setup with the destination domains?

If you already have an organization relationship setup in your tenant pointing to the destination tenant accepted domains, then you must; A) Remove it before enabling it in your Power365 Project or B) Do not allow Power365 to manage this component and keep it disabled in your Power365 Project.


How do I know when calendar sharing is ready?

There are several ways to confirm if the Organization Relationships were deployed in each tenant.

  1. Use Remote PowerShell authenticate to each tenant. Run the Get-OrganizationRelationship command to get a list of items. The Power365 configured items will include the name Binary Tree.
  2. Open the Exchange Admin Center within the Office 365 Admin Center. Navigate to the Organization tab in the left menu. Review the items listed under the Organization Sharing section.
  3. Check on the status of “Calendar Availability” from the Power365 Dashboard.


How do I control which users are sharing and how much they share?

During Project setup, Power365 provides the option to expose all source users or just a subset of users. This is achieved through membership in a Group. It is recommended this be a local AD group that is synchronized to Office 365. A cloud only distribution list group will also work but must be managed in the cloud.

Furthermore, the Organization Relationship can be modified by an Exchange Online administrator at any time. Follow these steps to modify the existing Organization Relationship in a tenant.

  1. From the Office 365 admin center dashboard, go to Admin > Exchange.
  2. Go to organization > sharing.
  3. Under Organization Sharing, Select the proper record then click Edit.
  4. To set the free/busy access level, select one of the following:

        a. Calendar free/busy information with time only

         b. Calendar free/busy with time, subject, and location

    To set which users will share calendar free/busy information, select one of the following:

         c. Everyone in your organization

         d. A specified security group

             Click browse to pick the security group from a list, then click ok.

  5. Click save to create the organization relationship.

Figure 1 and 2 below provide examples of successfully completed configurations within your Office 365 Exchange Online Portal.

Figure 1: Example Organization Relationship General Settings


Figure 2:Example Organization Relationship Sharing Settings


How do I Disable Calendar Sharing?

To disable and remove the previous configurations, edit the Power365 Project. Follow these steps to complete this process.

  1. Login to Power365.
  2. Open the Power365 Project Dashboard.
  3. Click the “EDIT” action to start the Project Wizard.
  4. Click “NEXT” until asked about sharing calendar availability between tenants.
  5. Click “NO” to disable calendar sharing.
  6. Click “NEXT” until you reach the end of the Wizard.
  7. Within 30 mins, the Organization Relationships configurations will be automatically removed from each tenant.


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