Syncing Address Books

What is Address Book syncing?

Power365 Integration offers the option for users from one tenant to see users from another tenant in their Global Address List for easy communication. Power365 arranges this behind the scenes by temporarily creating a contact for those users in the tenants that you choose. When the user is later moved to the new tenant, in a process called Cutover, Power365 will hide that contact from the Global Address List as it would no longer be needed.


Which Active Directory groups should be selected?

Select the Active Directory groups that contain the users that should be part of the unified Global Address List. We recommend creating AD groups just for this purpose.


Which direction does sync work in?

You can choose the direction of this arrangement. While the most common choice is from source to target, you can choose the opposite direction, or both if you need to. This allows easy coexistence for migration projects that might span several months.


Additional Information:

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