19.06 Known Limitations

There are no new known limitations for SSAM 19.06.

Previous Versions


  • If a database has been added from the file system for migration, it cannot be removed from the pending list by the user. The database will be automatically added to subsequent migrations until it migrates successfully or with warnings. (39032)
  • If a database was added to the migration queue from the local file system and completed successfully, be aware, it can be added and remigrated in subsequent migrations. (39033)
  • The Archives to Process section of the Person document displays an incorrect byte count and total. (39846)
  • The PowerShell Logging Path must use the default c:\logs path. (40150)
  • The maximum attachment size is set to 90 MB. Attachments over 90 MB in size will be removed and a size limit exceeded message will be logged. (52051)